Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Jr Ntr and Sukumar combination movie Nannaki Prematho is all set to go to the floors on May 14th.

Previously it was heard that, the movie scrips requires a father character and various celebrities were considered for this role but could not pick any of them. According to the buzz, even NTR’s own father Hari Krishna too was initially considered for father role but considering his health and other conditions, the idea was dropped now.

Now the big news is that the film shooting is going to be started at 14th of May, and if the buzz is to be believed, due to the in existence of the right character artist for the role, that particular father character role was now canceled from the scrips and it was slightly modified now without that role.

But as said before, father character is the crucial point of the movie and is going to be the main attraction for the film, then how come such an important character can be canceled and modified, and if at all it is modified also, can it be as attractive as before, is the million dollar question now.