Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Junior NTR is now on a right track selecting some good directors and good scripts. Temper success gave him this concentration. NTR who is currently doing a movie with Sukumar, now in a dilemma of who is going to play his father role in the film.

According to the sources, it is heard that the father’s role is very important for the script and only a senior hero can fulfill this character. But the issue is, which senior will accept a role as a father for a star hero.

The fear among the few seniors who were approached for this role is that, once the father role is clicked and identified well, then there is no question of they coming back as a hero again. Due to this fear, none are actually turning to the role including Mohan Lal who is one of them in the list.

Jagapathi babu was asked to this role before, but the movie unit later felt that he would best suit as a villain rather than a father and so Jagapathi is fixed for the negative role itself.

Now the question is, will the movie unit compromise with some other regular character artist as a father or still tries to approach senior stars ?