Mon. May 20th, 2024

Temper closing share just over 40 crores, one of the most hyped movie of Jr.NTR has crossed 42 crores after a run of 24 days at the box office. The movie might end at 43 crores at maximum. Though there were huge expectations about the movie making 50 crores and becoming a big blockbuster for NTR, the movie was just able to breach the 40 crore mark with some good word of the mouth publicity.

We had predicted that 40 crores would be easy for this movie to make, but a lot of effort had to be put to reach this mark. Despite the good talk and reviews, Young Tiger NTR’s Temper is limping at the box office. The movie collections had slowed down considerably after the first week.

Box office Collections final closing shares and over all gross.

At the end of 25 days the movie has collected a distributor share of 30 crores in the Telugu states of AP and Telangana.

With Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Rest of India pooling in around 6 crores distributor Share.

With USA and Rest of the world approximately a gross of 7 crores. the distributor’s share might be around 4.5 crores.

The world wide theatrical rights have been sold at a staggering 42 crores and the movie has just crossed the figure at the end of its run for 24 days and might close around the same number.
The worldwide gross of the movie will be a staggering 72 crores and the distributor share after all the taxes and theatre share will be42 crores.

Temper is just a average hit.

The movie is a Hit considering the losses speard across different areas, is negligible and the profit margin is not huge in many regions. The public response for the movie was great for the first week, but the lack of comedy and routine characterisation of Puri Jagannadh undid what would have been a huge hit.

Producer makes hay, with the collections of Temper.

The producer has made a killing by selling the movie for 42 crores, just for the theatrical rights and the Satellite rights have reportedly been grabbed for 7.75 crores, and the audio rights at 50 lakhs. The overall pre release trade for Temper is said to be around 50 crores.