Juanita Jordan Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth

Juanita Jordan Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth

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What is Juanita Jordan’s net worth?

Juanita Jordan is a former model who is most famous for being the ex-wife of NBA star Michael Jordan. At the time of this writing, Juanita Jordan has a net worth of $200 million. In 2006, Juanita got what was then the biggest celebrity divorce settlement of all time. We will detail the settlement terms later in this article.

early life

Juanita Vanoy was born on June 13, 1959, in Chicago, Illinois. Juanita was raised on the south side of Chicago, Illinois by her father John Vanoy and mother Dorothy L. He has five siblings: Gwendoline Hicks, Jacqueline Rogers, Rhonda Armstrong, Bernetta B Vanoy, and Margaret Vanoy. Vanoy attended Christian Fencer High School and later went to American University.

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Personal life and fame

She worked as a successful model and secretary for many years. When she met Michael Jordan at Chicago Bennigan’s restaurant in 1984, she was working as a loan officer while also earning a degree. The two were introduced by a mutual friend. At the time, Michael was an NBA rookie going into his second season with the Bulls. They met for the second time at a party a few weeks after being introduced and immediately made it a hit.

The pair began dating, and became engaged in 1987 after Michael proposed to Juanita at Nick’s Fish Market in Chicago. The two later called off the engagement and about a year ago they started talking about marriage again. They eventually married at 3:30 a.m. on September 2, 1989, at Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their first child at the time of their marriage was 10-month-old Jeffrey. Michael initially did not believe that he was Jeffrey’s father and Juanita had to go so far as to serve him with a claim of legal paternity that Michael relented and the couple reconciled.

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Juanita and Michael had three children, two sons and a daughter; Jeffrey Michael Jordan (born 1988), Marcus James Jordan (born 1990) and Jasmine Mikel Jordan (born 1992). Both sons continued to play college basketball but did not pursue the NBA. Today, Jeffrey works for Jordan Brand on the digital team. Marcus is the founder of a boutique store called Trophy Room. Jasmine worked for the Charlotte Hornets for a time (her father owns the team). Today he is an executive at Nike.

Juanita was famously portrayed by Michael’s side when he announced his second NBA retirement in 1998 after 13 seasons and six NBA titles:

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divorce settlement

Juanita filed for divorce in 2002. She withdrew the petition a month after the couple reconciled. In 2006 the couple jointly announced that they were separating for good. Legal filings later reveal that Michael paid Juanita a $168 million divorce settlement.

The settlement consisted of a mixture of property and property. Michael retained ownership of his grand custom-built 56,000-square-foot Chicago-suburbs home.

Years later Michael would try to sell the house for $30 million. He eventually lowered the price to $14 million, but still hasn’t found a buyer. Michael and Juanita set the record for the largest celebrity divorce settlement of all time, although it has since been eclipsed.

In 2014, Juanita sold the seven-acre Lake Shore Drive penthouse she received in the divorce settlement for $3.2 million.

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other enterprise

After the divorce, Juanita largely withdrew from the public eye to focus on her children and philanthropy. She collects art, focusing on African American artists. She serves on the board of Reel Beauty Inc., a Chicago nonprofit that mentors young girls. She is also a co-founder of the charity Michael and Juanita Endowment Fund.

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Juanita Jordan was featured in the TV series ESPN Sports Century in 2000 and E! True Hollywood Story in 2006.

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