Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Ajay Devgan, the National Award winning actor is now busy with the works of his directorial venture, ‘Shivaay‘. The star has huge expectations regarding this project, and it will feature Ajay himself in the lead role. As per earlier reports, it is believed that this movie will be a high voltage action flick.

The recent news about the star is something personal. At this point, readers should understand that Ajay Devgan has inked Lord Shiva’s and his children’s names in his chest.

Now, Ajay Devgan’s wife Kajol has requested him to ink her name too in his chest. The actress has apparently told Ajay that it is unfair to only tattoo the names of their two children.

Ajay Devgan who is now busy with the filming of ‘Shivaay’ has not responded to this comment from Kajol.

Many sources also claim that the couples has plans to work in a new movie together in 2016.