Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

Kanchanamala has responded to the actor Siddique about his views on her. She said that she considers her haters very low and that their views unwise.

I have only given very little value for them. Moideen and I are not strangers for Mukkam (a place in Kozhikode) and they all pretty well know our love for each other. To criticise is their freedom but It will never affect me in anyway.

She also said that she had never criticised any actor and neither did she humiliate any. She likes all the actors in Malayalam currently. Her favourite actor is Mohanlal and as far as personality is concerned she goes for Mammootty. After watching ‘Kodeeshwaran’ the tv show, she liked Suresh Gopi. Siddique is also there in her good actors list. “But maybe he is on my enemy side. We have never seen each other. I only know Dileep in person”- said Kanchanamala.

Before and after the death of Moideen, she used to get a number of Marriage proposals and she was deciding not to take any. She kept her maidenhood for him alone. “Once I have given my life to a man, I will be his for ever” said the lady. Nobody have to make me a goddess, I am an ordinary middle-aged woman. I continue to live my life in my world helping others and doing social services. I hope the people who criticize me without knowing anything about me will learn their mistake one day and regret what they have done.