Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson Are Crazy Hosts Forever | Film Dhamaka

The 2016 MTV Movie Prizes were like no different in the very beginning—and we imply that in more ways than one.

It had been the sole year ever sold to take place entirely outside. The function transpired about the Warner Brothers backlot (yes, the whole lot) in Burbank, Calif., in honor of the 25th wedding of the awards-show.

And second, hosts Hart and Dwayne Johnson produced their entrance Max-type, clothed in leather get-ups face masks and while riding on their very Fury Road wilderness cars. They quickly segued right into a more conventional monologue setup, nevertheless, it was unforgettable (and, yes, slightly troubling) however.

Since this is Kevin Hart Along with The Rock we are discussing, the hijinks got moreover-the-leading from there, if they were throwing barbs at each other—short cracks for Hart, the definition of “Chocolate Shrek” for Johnson—or eliminating out old humiliating photos. And yes, for anyone questioning, MTV did have the ability to dig that basic picture of The Steel up in a turtleneck plus a pack.

Properly, you had been improper for those thinking that the opening monologue is the end-of-the real humor gags. Enter the Samoan Superman along with The Dark chocolate Soldier. And yes, that’s what it really appears like. Jackson and Hart used some very, um, kind- costumes that were appropriate to do a coat DC Comics part of the night -versus- to the Wonder.

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And after that who can forget the most visceral second of the night -to-be-Grammy- winning tune “Whenever Leo Got F–ked by way of a Bear.” When Leo got y–ked with a bear it featured Kevin Along with The Stone rapping about, properly. We presume you all can employ your imagination with that one.

The twosome sealed out the exhibit in ways that Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart can: fireworks display By setting a huge off. After the merit that is ultimate was offered by Alexander Skarsgård in any way with no shorts, it was the least they might do to at least one-up that second.

But pyrotechnics we nonetheless that turtleneck-fanny pack throwback picture continues to be likely to decrease while the most memorable.