Kumari 21F Movie Review

Kumari 21F is a surprise winner. The film was passed with an ‘A’ rating and for good reason. Sukumar proves his mettle as a screenplay writer and must be commended for this script.

A young, brazen tale that celebrates female sexuality and leaves one with a rather modern take on commitment, fidelity and trust – Kumari 21F is refreshing. Heebah Patel deserves several accolades for portraying the role of a girl who is confident about her sexuality. She is confident enough to fight the stereotypes people build around someone like her.

The tale follows a ‘twenteen‘ love story. Siddhu (Raj Tarun), the cutest boy in the neighborhood, catches the attention of Meena Kumari (Heebah Patel), a girl with a big secret and an even bigger heart.

The fact that Sukumar chose to empower Meena Kumari is one of the biggest wins of this movie. The film comes off with a slightly feminist undertone, craftily concealed under layers of faux patriarchy.

The performances are good, but Heebah outshines Raj in every scene. What really makes this movie so different is the celebration of sexuality of both the genders.

Devi Sri Prasad manages to give us one more soundtrack with nothing particularly unique, while the rest of the cast effortlessly fit into their roles.

This is definitely a film that should be watched by the younger generation. For its sheer boldness in theme and message, it deserves applause and acclaim.

Verdict: A realistic portrayal of a changing outlook on sex, fidelity, commitment and chastity, brilliantly mixed with a mass movie’s masala.

Review By Romal M Singh

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