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Kuttram Kadithal, is a Tamil drama movie Written and directed by debut director Bramma G. the movie features Master Ajay, Radhika Prasidhha, Sai Rajkumar and Pavel Navageethan in lead roles. the movie is being produced by J Satish Kumar and Christy Siluvappan, under the JSK Film Corporation and Chris Pictures banner which is released on 24th September 2015.


Merlin (Radhika Prasiddha) is a private school teacher, just married to her lover Manikandan (Sai Rajkumar) without the consent of her mother, a staunch Christian. In the next scene we see Chezhiyan (Master Ajay) as a naughty young kid who gives a tough time to his widowed mother in sending him to school on time. Udayan the uncle of Chezhiyan is a pro-poor activist, drawn towards communism who is an influential figure in the locality. In the third act we are shown the school headmaster (Kulothungan) and his wife (Durga) talking about the future of Merlin which suggests that they are not just her bosses but also her well-wishers.On her first day in school Merlin slaps Chezhiyan for his mischievous answer to her question due to which Chezhiyan falls unconscious.What follows is the intense and highly emotional tale of the effects of this serious mishap on the lives of the above-mentioned characters.


Radhika Prasiddha as a young teacher struck down with extreme guilt for mistakenly causing hurt to a child excels with the right emotions and body language. Sathya as the child’s mother makes an impact with her looks matching the character and facial expression as she has very few dialogues to utter. Paval Navageethan is apt as the valorous communist who will always rise to uphold the rights of the oppressed. Kulothungan and Durga and the actress who has acted as Merlin’s mother have done their part beautifully.

Technical Aspects:

The film is technically sound. Shankar Rangarajan’s songs are listenable and placed at the right moment and are used to move the story. The Bharathiyar poem Chinnanjiru Kiliye has been used to give a full picture about each character, how they are related between each other and their present mindset. The way the song has been tuned and filmed would have made the Mahakavi feel proud if he were alive. Shankar Rangarajan’s music, especially the rerecording, compliments the mood of each scene. Manikandan’s cinematography depends mostly on natural lighting which becomes a treat to eyes. C.S.Premkumar’s editing is commendable.