Laura Govan Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth

Laura Govan Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth

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What is Laura Govan’s net worth?

Laura Govan is an American reality television star and NBA basketball wife who has a net worth of $1 million. Laura Govan is best known for being a cast member on the popular VH1 reality TV series Basketball Wives: LA, which includes the spouses of various National Basketball Association players such as Matt Barnes, Jason Williams and Ron Artest.

Early life and career

Laura Govan was born on 21 September 1979 in Oakland, California. Her father is of African descent and her mother is from Mexico. He has two sisters, Gloria and Lonnie. When Laura was just seven years old, she was involved in an accident in which she was hit by a drunk driver. She was in a coma for three months and upon awakening, Govan had to re-learn how to do everything, including walking and talking.

She continued to play basketball throughout her high school years. Govan earned an athletic scholarship to New Mexico State University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in international business. Govan later earned a master’s degree in sports psychology. After finishing college, Govan was offered a job as head basketball coach at Santa Clara University. She quit because she was pregnant with her first child. This earned him a Ph.D. prevented from pursuing. He planned to receive. Govan then worked in the TV and entertainment industry.



In Laura’s case, her claim to fame is through her on-again, off-again relationship with the Orlando Magic point guard. Gilbert Arenas. Laura went on to appear in the popular TV show “Basketball Wives: L.A.” Arenas is known for her fierce and relentless playing style on the court, earning her the nickname “Agent Zero” when she was playing for the Washington Wizards. Was. Laura has a similar reputation on Basketball Wives: L.A., where she’s always made a name for herself by speaking her mind, is never content to play the quiet and reserved wife.

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If there’s one person who can be credited for Laura’s fearless attitude, it’s her sister Gloria, who is also a cast member of the TV show. Gloria appeared in the first season of the show, when it was simply titled Basketball Wives. Gloria’s husband Matt Barnes Traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, the sisters were once again brought together.

personal life

Govan dated Shaquille O’Neal from 2008-2009.

Govan and Arenas first got together in 2001. The former pair met when Arenas played for the Golden State Warriors and Govan worked for the team. The two have four children together: Aloni, Hamille, Aliyah and Izella. They got engaged in 2008 but never tied the knot. The two separated in 2014. In 2016, an email began circulating in which Govan accused Arenas of giving her an STD. The media got their hands on it and soon the fiery indictment was widely published for the world to see. Arenas slaps Govan with a defamation suit and thus begins a protracted battle in court. In October 2016, a judge ruled that Govan intentionally circulated the email. He was ordered to pay $110,110 in damages to Arenas for his emotional distress. Govan then publicly accused Arenas of sleeping with his sister in a heated Instagram exchange, leading Arenas to file a defamation suit against his ex-wife again in 2017. However, he dropped the matter shortly after.

For leisure, Gowan loves shopping and traveling. Govan is also very active on social media and has a huge following on various platforms. In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, Govan runs a line of jewelry and clothing designed for postpartum women called Shop in Real Life.

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