Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Unless there is a strong evidence to support his story, seems like director Satya Deva hasn’t made a big story out of mind just like that. For people who get excitement from Telugu films, story of ‘Lion’ looked quite new though screenplay wise, flaws are omnipresent. Those who gaze on Hollywood films a lot are not accepting with this thought and revealed some interesting stuff.

In Hollywood, 2012 release ‘Total Recall’ has similar story that of ‘Lion’. Probably we have to say that ‘Lion’ got inspired from that English flick. The central plot is all about fooling a guy by saying to him continuously that he is someone else. Finally the guy leaves on a truth-seeking journey and finds startling truths. Set in science fiction backdrop, villain’s acts of erasing hero’s memory and planning to attack his own living area, ‘The Colony’, only to forcefully occupy it, are all justified. But Satya Deva failed to adapt this story carefully.

In Total Recall, hero believes that his present is correct and he has no past. But it is reversed for Balayya here as he believes his past is correct and present is wrong. From cutting stomach to remove a GPS piece, and using hologram-image technology to show some high profile digital interactive 3D projection. This hollywood movie has perfect justification for all the actions done, but Balayya’s script is left to vulnerability. Making the plot too much sentimental is of no use. We have to see what Balayya’s director will say.