London Has Fallen Film Review – Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart

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London Has Fallen is action packed with plenty of chases, gun shots and bombings. If one is to drill deep down further for another postmortem, you will have to admit that the film is a cliched action thriller that runs on a predictable format. A watchable film though, London has fallen has a premise that can make some of you satisfied, thanks to the breathtaking speed at which the plot takes its shape.

So we have the passing away of British Prime Minister under suspicious circumstances that brings all the World Leaders to London for the funeral of the departed leader. Now Aamir Barkawi, one of the most wanted terrorist on the FBI list has certain other plans in store for the World Leaders.

Its upto the US President Benjamin Asher, his special secret service agent Mike Banning and US Vice President Allan Trumbull to save the world from the evil plans of Barkawi.

Considering the short running time of one hour and thirty eight minutes, London has fallen will never make you bored or for that matter sleepy. It has enough ammunition in its kitty to keep you engaged almost till the end. The negativity lies in the predictable nature of the plot that has all the clichés that we normally see in such movies.

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Its an easy guessing game for the audience as we can very well predict the outcome of each and every scene but the pace at which the film move ahead is a positive element that helps London has fallen not to fall apart completely.

Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart are the main actors who occupy the major share of screen presence. The duo were upto the task of delivering good acts in front of the camera and thereby doing justice to their respective roles. Morgan Freeman join them (not together) at a later stage and perform in his usual style.

Some of the things like the graphics, chases and gun shots demanded much more perfection but sadly London has fallen was found wanting in these areas lacking perfection. It was poor CGI employed here and nothing close to Hollywood standards particularly the explosions and the bridge bombing scenes.

Running on a threadbare story with an outdated execution, this movie that had to its credit some talented and famed actors in its line up somehow attain the passmark and end up as an average film.