Sun. May 19th, 2024

After much expectations, Suriya’s most awaited film, “Massu Engira Masilamani”, has finally hit the screen. As expected, the movie is a typical Venkat Prabhu entertainer, which comprises of comedy, dance and romance.

The story of the film revolves around a local con who is popularly known as Masss (Suriya) among his friends. Being a street boy, he has learnt to live life in his own terms. Premgi Amaren plays his best friend and together they loot money and are often caught for theft.

Though they indulge in these petty cases, they do not intent any harm to anyone. But things change completely when they decide to loot some smugglers on a boat. What follows is a series of interesting turn of events in their lives.

When you watch the film, one thing obvious throughout the film is the effort taken by the director to make his movie a watchable one for audience of all age groups. It has romance, some spooky elements, comedy, witty one-liners, action, songs and dance. The director has also given a serious attempt to make his characters look real and maintain their identity till the end.

However, the movie is not a perfect entertainer, it has its own loop holes and thereby the movie comes out as just a one-time-watchable film. The major drawback that was felt throughout the movie was its length. The first half seemed to be long and a better trimmed version of the film would have helped it to be a neat one.

Towards the interval, the plot has managed to gain its depth and also has some interesting twists and turns. At the same time, the basic plot on which the whole storyline was built looks incomplete and weakens towards the end.

Coming to the much-talked-about graphics of the film, they looked wasted. They also leave you in wonder as it is not sure if the director used them for creating a situational comedy or a horror situation.

The major highlights or the backbone of “Masss” is definitely its star cast. Suriya has performed extremely well in dual roles of Mass and Shakthi. Equally good was Premgi Amaren with his antics while Nayanthara also added to the feel-good elements of the film.

Samuthirakani comes in handy as the villain in the movie and Parthipen as a police officer will impress you with his dilaogue-delivering style and timing. The rest of the star cast including Vidyullekha, Pranitha, Karunas, Sriman and Brahmanandam has also played their roles well.

Another noticeable aspect of the film is the background score, composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Cinematography by RD Rajashekhar has been excellent, but the editing by Praveen KL comes out as just above average. Overall, “Masss” is a complete entertainment package, which misses out on detailing.