Mohanlal And S S Rajamouli In One Snap, Will The Dream Combo Unite? 

Mohanlal, the Superstar of Mollywood is widely considered to be one of the most legendary performers in Indian Cinema. The actor has the capability to any kinds of roles with perfection, and we have witnessed it an umpteen numbers of times in the past.

Mohanlal fans all around South India are now awaiting to see him working in a movie which will be directed by Rajamouli. As we all know, S S Rajamouli is widely touted as the James Cameron of Indian Cinema, and he has delivered some mammoth movies in the past which includes the recent ‘Baahubali‘.

Some days back, Rajamouli has made a statement that he wish to work with Mohanlal and it is his dream to work with this legendary performer. Earlier, many reports surfaced in the internet stating that S S Rajamouli is planning to make a new movie titled ‘Garuda’.

However, if this duo join hands for a movie, then it will be a real treat for filmbuffs all around the nation, and it will surely emerge as an impeccable movie which we can show to International audiences.