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Naagin Fame Arzoo Govitrikar Files For Divorce Says Husband Siddharth Used To Pull Me By My Neck Beat Me Up Brutally

Mumbai: Naagin actor Arzoo Govitrikar has filed for divorce from husband Siddharth Sabharwal and accused him of domestic violence. As per the ETimes report, she had filed a domestic violence case against her husband Siddharth in 2019. According to the latest reports, she has now decided to not reconcile with him and she has moved the court to seek a legal separation.Also Read – Bigg Boss OTT: Kumkum Bhagya Actor Zeeshan Khan, Who Appeared In Bathrobe At Airport, is The Second Confirmed Contestant

In the complaint of domestic violence filed in February 2019, Arzoo had said that they had fought over Siddharth’s alcohol issues and thereafter, he dragged her into the bathroom at 4 am and hit her badly. She also revealed that he has pulled her up by her neck and kicked her in the stomach. She further added that there were days when she was beaten up black and blue and had bruises. Also Read – 7 Quotes From Naagin of Anupama That Enthralled Fans

Speaking with ETimes, she said, “Yes, I have filed for divorce. Enough is enough and I am not going to take this lying down anymore. I swallowed my pride; I tried, and I tried my best. But matters came to a head and I couldn’t continue with Siddharth. I had so far not spoken in the media, not even when I was hounded by calls from journalists two years ago. But I will talk today. I want to tell you that he has pulled me by my neck and tried to throw me out of the flat. He has slapped me. He has kicked me in my stomach. There were days when I was beaten up black and blue and I couldn’t come out because I didn’t want my bruises to be seen.” Also Read – Karanvir Bohra Gets Caught By Moral Police Aka Daughter; Deprived of Kissing His Own Wife

She also claimed that the abuse was not just physical but her husband used the choicest of expletives on her. She was quoted as saying, “Mujhe bahut gandi gaaliyan deta tha. Imagine, he even hurled casteist abuses at me. He also told me that I am a bai (maid). I suffered blackouts and my hands and legs used to swell up. I stopped getting sleep and if I managed to sleep then I would suddenly wake up at 2 am.”

When asked when all this began with her, she responded by saying, “Siddharth first raised his hand on me two years after our marriage. And after our son was born three years after we became man and wife, he simply drifted apart. He started sleeping in another room. After that, I found out that he has a Russian girlfriend; he was constantly on chats with her. I confronted him about her. I don’t know if they’re together now because he stays separately. Mind you, I have those chats and the CCTV footage of his violence and it would help me to get justice.”

As per Arzoo when she told him that they should try to make this marriage work, he became even more aggressive. She also claimed that she has enough evidence against him to file for divorce. Talking about her sister-in-law’s reaction to the domestic violence case, she said, “I have a sister-in-law but she doesn’t want to get into this.”

She also said, “He told me he knows how the legal system works and he will nachao me for 15 years”. Arzoo also revealed that Siddharth does not pay her sufficient maintenance. She told ETimes, “Honestly, whatever little he pays is spent in paying to household workers. Add this to the fact that he has 5 cars and hasn’t given me one.”

Talking about Siddharth’s equation with their child, she admitted that he loves their child. She said, “He loves our child, and as we speak, he has him in his house. I have never deprived our child of meeting his father and spending time with him. No woman wants to break her marriage. That’s the last thing she does only when she has been pushed against the wall and has no choice. The gaalis, violence, and infidelity had become unbearable.” She also accused him of having extra-marital affair and having a Russian girlfriend.

Siddharth, on the other hand, when asked about the allegations made by his wife, simply said, “Let Arzoo say what she wants. I don’t want to say anything. The matter is under subjudice. Please don’t call me for any comments and even in the future if you guys have a story on this matter, my blanket statement is ‘No comments’.”

Advocate Ishika Tolani who is representing Arzoo in the court said, “Due to COVID times, the divorce proceedings of the said case have been delayed. But yes, I am Arzoo’s lawyer in her dispute against her husband.”

Arzoo and Siddharth went through the mandatory counseling session but could not reconcile. The estranged couple got married in 2010 after a brief courtship period.

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