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Nayantara Starrer Maya Completes 50 Golden Days Run. It has been a wonderful year for Nayanthara. She has given number of hit movies in this year like Nannbenda, Bhaskar the Rascal, Thani Oruvan, Naanum Rowdydhaan and Maya. Her recently released horror flick “Maya” which was released on 17th September 2015, has completed the run of 50 days.

Maya is a tamil horror film written and directed by Ashwin Saravanan. the movie features Nayantara in the lead role, with Aari and Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli playing supporting roles. The film and Nayanthara’s performance have received positive reviews from critics. It was dubbed in Telugu as “Mayuri”. Nayantara starrer Maya was appreciated for its engaging screenplay, intelligent narrative style, technical excellence and superlative performances.

Watch the Pilot film that started Maya

50 days of #Maya. Thank you all for reassuring the story-teller in me to go out and express himself every single time. (1/2)

— Ashwin Saravanan (@Ashwin_saravana) November 5, 2015

Maya Movie Review: When was the last time an Indian horror film scare you the maximum! I can’t even remember when that happened. Mysskin’s Pisasu reinvented horror in a different format but it was a supernatural movie that didn’t create that fear factor. Aswin Saravanan’s Maya is one horror film that serves its very purpose to the maximum. With some brilliant sound effects and less clichés, here is a film in the horror genre that stands tall technically as well as how the presentation of the story goes.

Using the word cliched to describe recent desi horror and supernatural flicks is itself a cliched usage. Breaking that shell and still making you scare deserves full credit. Director Ashwin has succeeded in making the viewers hooked onto the edge of the seat with mind blowing sound effects. The other notable aspect is that the film is just not dependent on the sound factor alone. It has much more in it. Suspense is retained almost till the very end which is a rarity these days. Click Here To Read More…..


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