Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Nithya Menon, the beautiful and talented actress is going to rule Tollywood in the month of April. She has four releases lined up in April and it is sure going to be a feast for her fan boys.

Nithya is playing one of the female leads in Son Of Satyamurthy which will release first among the four movies.

Nithya Menon’s Ok Bangaram is already grabbing eyeballs with lovable promos and also because of brand Mani Ratnam.

She is also playing important roles in Rudhramadevi and Kachanana 2 that are slated for release in third and fourth weeks of April respectively.

Although Nithya has immense fan following and a star in her own league, she is not shying away from playing supporting roles in other heroine’s films.

She is so talented that directors are creating roles especially for Nithya. She is likely to enter the big league this year with so many promising films up her sleeve.