Tue. Nov 28th, 2023

Nitya menon showered praises on Director Raghava Lawrence saying that he is one of the finest gentlemen that she came across.

Speaking to the interview, Nitya said that she was thoroughly happy playing a good role in Ganga. She said that it is one of the toughest role that she played in her life time. Even after having an experience of acting in 35 films, i had to ask Lawrence always, what to do for every scene.

Even while accepting the character, I was no where confident to play the character, but on Lawrence’s compulsion, had to accept and I too thought that it might help me to develop my acting skills.

Finally she ended saying that Lawrence is a very good human being, and within short time, I could develop a very good rapport with him. Now I’m very fond of this gentle man, she said. Seems to be something is going on between Nitya and Lawrence, isn’t it..?