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Today this article is gonna talk About two Famous Actress Niveda (Nivetha Thomas) and Surabhi (Surabhi Lakshmi) Who Both Acted in Same Movie Called Gentleman a Small Interview from Chai Bisket Covers Lot of Answers from the Fans Minds What they want to Question about thier Little Things onn and thr Session Goes like Really good with Sandeep and Another team member of Chai Bisket.

1st Question : As an Actress How are u Able to Adapt a New Language ?

Reply from Nivetha : Firstly i Love Telugu Language i too have Chennai Telugu Friends and on Starting i Surprised How hard this Language to Speak all of that is well i can Speak Good Telugu.

Reply from Surabhi : Language is not a Barrier and for Each and Every Visit of HYDERABAD I am Getting Good Telugu Hope So

2nd Question : Experience of Working With Actor Nani ?

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Reply from Surabhi : Well it’s Dream Comes True i’m Huge Fan of Nani and Working with Him is Amazing

Reply from Niveda : After Kamal Hassan Nani is my Favourite,Personally Seen Lot of Similarities from Nani to Kamal Sir.Yeah it was Amazing to Work with Nani. Nani is Not Just a Co-Star he is not Only Makes Heroins Comfortable not about Technicians i Hope to Work with him in Malayalam as Well.

Chai Bisket Team Mem Question : As These Answers will be Always Default Any Personal Answers if u can Exhibit about Nani and ALL 🙂

Sandee Raj Catches with Child Hood Memories

Surabhi and Niveda Jointly : it was Painting Exhibition Going on We have Late Abdul Kalam Sir By Holding Plate and u Know he was So Humble and he was down to Earth that memory Cherishing and Niveda Continues with i had a Chinese Costume  HE Seen a Bandage liked Ribbon Tied on my HeAd for Prayer i Weard

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Favourite Hero ?

Niveda : Nani

Surabhi : Gentleman Nani and Pawan Kalyan (I hAVE A long List)

First Proposal in Life ?

Niveda and Surabhi went over a Discusiion over that and Ends Surabhi Says i will eat Almonds and Get back to u With a Smile 😉

Have u Ever ate Panipuri’s Roadside after Returning to Home From School

Very Excitement in Both and Yes Niveda in Alternate days GOLGAPPA’S & Dahi Puri



Favourite food u Eat ?

Niveda: Ulavacharu,Red Pacchadi

Surabhi : Spicy Food,VegBiryani, Love to See Traditional Cook of AndhraStyle with Spiecies.

Most Fun Person on Sets ?

Surabhi : Vennala Kishore

Niveda : Srinivas,Nagi,Mughal,Darshanam

Freaky Moments ?

Surabhi : Magic Mushroom Moments

and it Goes like this if u want to watch full Go onn here :