Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Copy and paste are generally the favorite options of anyone on a computer keyboard. But the thing is, they are not able to leave such favorite options even on the work they do.

Especially, the influence of this can be observed more in the movies. If you have ever missed out to watch a good movie in any language in the past, you need not worry much as any way that particular good movie content or at least a part of the content will be included in most of the new movies these days. Confused ?, lets get into the details.

Mr. X was released amidst of high expectations from a great director like Vikram. If you had a regret of missing out the super hit Hollywood films like Hollow man, Mr. India, Ghost and if you are unable to allocate the time to three movies, then simply watch Mr. X . Because, knowing the audience pain of watching 3 films at a time, he scripted ,Mr. X completely basing on the three films. For that the director should be appreciated for his intelligence. But I don’t understand why audience disliked the film. May be they even don’t like the other 3 past movies too. Isn’t it..?