Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Stylish Star Allu Arjun not  going to do lip lock on screen anymore. Bunny clarifies that his decision to not kiss has nothing to do with him becoming a father or his marital status.

“I’ve always been against lip-locks and I’ve said as much even before my wedding. If you notice, the lip locks in my previous films have all been central to the script. So I couldn’t reject them, Thankfully, the kind of films I’m doing cater more to the family audience. I believe kissing scenes hamper the reach of such films. I find it awkward when an intimate scene comes up while watching a movie along with my family. The same holds good for the masses as well. So I realised by doing such scenes I’m actually limiting the reach of my films,” Allu Arjun says.

It doesn’t mean that the lover boy is not going to do romantic roles anymore. So does that mean he won’t be playing lover boy anymore? “I don’t think there is any connection between playing a romantic hero and physical intimacy onscreen. Shah Rukh Khan is the greatest romantic hero of our times and he has never done a lip lock. Audience like love stories, not physical intimacy,” he added .

Allu Arjun is currently busy with the shooting of his forthcoming  film, directed by Trivikram. Samantha paired opposite Arjun in this film.