Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Upon opening to mixed reports on Day 1 itself, Makers of ‘Lion’ felt the need to use scissors more effectively post the release. This development will imprve the movie watching experience to a great extent.

Lion 1st Day Box Office Collection

As per reliable sources, ‘Lion’ has been trimmed by 14 minutes and this version will run in theatres from Saturday onwards.

Lion 2nd Day Box Office Collection

Audience complained about the romantic track between Balarishna and Trisha. These portions gets eliminated much to the relief of film goers.

Lion 3rd Day Box Office Collection

Collections of ‘Lion’ were pretty good on Day 3 as well. The film might collect a share of nearly Rs 10 crore in AP/Nizam alone by the end of Opening Weekend. That’s really a good figure to start the Box Office run!