Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Mani Ratnam, The proudest film maker of Indian cinema. At a point of time he started enjoying a craze that is typically enjoyed by a star hero. All his movies generally dealt with the fact, a committed truth. Roja, Bombay were few of those films which made the people take a turn up and look this man.

From there, people always started to wait for his films and started expecting something new or strange which is generally not known to the common audience. But after a certain point of time, may be because of the high expectations, all his movies were unable to reach up to the mark and finally registered as disasters at the box office. But that did not made audience to loose hopes on him, as they were still trying to expect a Mani kind of movie.

If the reports are to be believed, Ok Kanmani is such kind of movie where the pride of a Mani’s film can be felt. Sakhi was a super hit flick of his and now Ok Kanmani is again one such movie which goes into the former hit movie category.

The movie is scheduled to release on this Friday, that is on 17th April all over the world. So, lets hope the wait of millions from the past few years comes to an end by bagging a block buster in the form of Ok Kanmani.