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Pelli Choopulu Review: Vijay Devarakonda and Ritu Varma’s much-hyped movie “Pelli Choopulu” has created a lot of buzz off late. Right from the day the trailer was launched, this film has received positive feed back. The film premiered on July 26, couple of days before its release, has got positive reviews and rich ratings from the critics.

Pelli Choopulu

Pellichoopulu is a 2016 romantic-comedy Telugu film. The film released on 29 July 2016. vvv brought the distribution rights of the movie for Rs. 1.5 Crore, the film was made with a budget of Rs. 60 Lakhs

Pelli choopulu Cast and Crew:

Directed by Tharun Bhascker
Produced by Raj Kandukuri,Yash Rangineni,Vinoothna Geetha
Written by Tharun Bhascker
Screenplay Nagesh Banell
Starring: Vijay Deverakonda,Nandhu,Ritu Varma

 Pelli Choopulu Movie Review

Pelli Choopulu Movie Story

The film is about a simple tale about two individuals with diametrically opposite characters. While one is straightforward and wants to be an achiever, other is a lazy bum who is afraid to get what he wants and simply hopes to get on with his life by piggybacking on someone else. How one influences the other and brings change and finally gets together is what the film is all about.

“Pelli Choopulu” revolves around the love story of happy-go-lucky guy, Prashanth (Vijay). After seeing his carefree attitude, Prashanth’s father decides to get him married to a career-oriented girl, Chitra (Ritu Varma). But Chitra tells him that she is not interested in marriage and she wants to start her own food-truck business. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Pelli Choopulu Movie Verdict

Pelli Choopulu is one film which comes as a breath of fresh air in the heavy pollution of commercial cinema. The film has many beautiful moments which one can easily relate to Youth. With this film, Tollywood finds another talent called Tharun Bhaskar as his effortless narration makes things breezy throughout the proceedings.

The film is bound to do well in A centres, overseas and especially the younger generation will lap it big time. Finally, all those who want to watch a clean and feel good love story, Pelli Choopulu is one film which should not be missed.

Pelli Choopulu Trailer

Positives :

  1. One of the brightest asset of the film is undoubtedly the freshness. Right from the principal characters to the set up, everything looks so contemporary.
  2. Wonderful characterisation is the big asset of “Pelli Choopulu”
  3. Vijay Devarakonda is superb as Prashanth, the way he has portrayed his confused character speaks volumes of his talent.
  4. Ritu Varma takes you by surprise as Chitra. Her role as the strong willed independent girl brings a spring to the proceedings

Negatives :

  1. Pace of the film dips a bit during the second half.
  2. On the flip side, narration is slow but it is not a big deal.
  3. The run time of the movie is just over two hours.

Pelli Choopulu Movie Rating : 3.25/5