Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

It was known that Priyanka Chopra is acting in a key role in an English TV series ‘Quantico’. The trailer of it was recently out and it is now turned as the talk of the Bollywood for Priyanka bold intimate scene in the trailer.

According to the reports, it was heard that Priyanka is playing as FBI young recruit. Regarding this, there is a scene in the trailer where she was spotted making love with a terrorist in a car. It also revealed Priyanka wearing her panty back after love making with the terrorist.

As it is an English TV series, these type of scenes may not be a matter to those audience, but it is a big thing for Bollywood audience, especially for the fans of Priyanka.

Putting the scene a side, it seems to be like, Priyanka bagged a big role in the flick. It is a proud thing for Bollywood and in fact to the whole country, that an Indian actress got selected for such a full length role in English series.