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PUBG Update brings Major changes to Team Deathmatch Mode

PUBG Update brings Major changes to Team Deathmatch Mode

Some of the main issues resolved in this update is a significant improvement to Team Deathmatch. The players used Invincibility to strike opponents without any effect. Yet players will now only be invincible before they get into the game. Here’s a look at the other big software improvements.

New Weapon: Panzerfaust

The devs were sneaking videos of the Panzerfaust into Season 6. And now finally the gun is out. It is a good AoE weapon, but picking up the Panzerfaust has some disadvantages. First, it takes up a primary weapon slot, which restricts the user’s options. The projectile moves pretty quickly, but the diligent player can dodge it. Behind the Panzerfaust there is also a backblast field, and players need to look out for squadmates before setting it off.

For any airdrop, the Panzerfaust is confirmed to be in. Group Deathmatch mode will not be available. The warhead of Panzerfaust explodes upon impact, but mid-air can also be blown up. The radius of the damage is 6 m to the point of impact. The explosion will cause splash damage, up to a short distance, through thin walls and objects. It can be used to crack particular Karakin walls, just like the Sticky Bomb. The warhead can explode mid-air, whether hit by explosions or fired by a bullet before impact.

Weapon balance

Apart from Team Deathmatch mode, the other change is to weapons that include Tommy Gun, which has been poor for a while, so the developers add a sight slot for red dots and holos, and increase the damage. The M249 switches from Care Packages to standard loot but still loses a small amount of damage and gets a little more recoil. Last but not least, the UMP-45 has been nerfed with a 9 mm switch, so it gets a change in specs around the board.

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