Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Radhika Apte was continuously in the news be it for her hottest comments on Tollywood recently and also now the controversial comments about the intimate relations.

Radhika who was married to Benedict tailor in 2012 is happy with her both personal life and also professional life. Speaking about her personal life, she said that she was in a living relationship with him before the marriage and also had intimate relation with him several times.

She clarified that there is no wrong in having any intimacy as it is very common now a days. We eat food when we are hungry and that satisfies our hunger in the same way we should have intimacy whenever we feel like having it.

It was known that previously she already made some comments on intimacy saying that it is not at all wrong because at a certain time, body needs that satisfaction and that need not be killed just for the sake society oppositions.

If this was continued, then within no time, it can be said that she would be most talk about actress all around the country and in that way she might even become much more famous. Is this actually the plan of the lady.