Fri. May 24th, 2024

Radhika Apte starrer ‘The Calling‘ went viral on internet. A stunning blue jacket and an equally stunning response. Watch one bold woman’s response to an issue that many Indian women face at their workplace.

Most often working women have to take a sabbatical from work when they get pregnant. Even if they are fit and competent to handle both work and home, many companies prefer to not give them work or right promotion.

Online shopping portal’s Myntra‘s new ad featuring Radhika Apte and Shernaz Patel brilliantly highlights the prejudice most people have towards pregnant women. Myntra has previously come out with some hard hitting, realistic ads on urban Indian women including the one on homosexuality which went viral.

This ad has just been released but by the looks of it, this too will strike a chord with a lot of women across the country. Advertising like these are the need of the hour to inspire good quality people to take up Advertising & related fields as a career.