Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Comedian Actor Raghu Babu is in a thought of turning as a producer in the industry and produce the films with star heroes. Now he is like to produce jr ntr’s next movie.

Bandla Ganesh had started this trend of comedians turning to producers. The actor who is a die hard fan of Pawan Kalyan turned as a producer with the his support. He is recognized as a blockbuster producer by delivering his hero a blockbuster film in the form of Gabbar Singh.

Now it seems to be like Raghu Babu is inspired seeing Ganesh and decided to produce the films. The actor who had a good rapport with Jr Ntr by acting in almost all hit films of his, like Aadhi, Adhurs, Oosaravelli etc.

So with this rapport he is now in talks with Tarak to produce a flick, if the luck turns favorable, then within no time, he may even be identified as a top producer in the industry and pave the way for other comedians to chose this career.