Rahul Raj Singh used to beat and harrass pratyusha banerjee frequently | Film Dhamaka

Ase of abetment of destruction, attack and violence were documented against actor- a new declaration was noted by company Rahul Raj Singh regarding the Television actor Pratyusha Banerjee after her mommy and the demise of his sweetheart on Tuesday. Rahul, who’s in a hospital, is likely to be imprisoned after his launch. Pratyusha’s parents told police that she was a premier Television actor and getting well when Rahul arrived to her life. “He lied about his attributes to her…He required total control of her life. He used to beat and abuse her frequently. ” Her father also mentioned Pratyusha had lately learned that Raj had a nine-year old boy from an earlier partnership. Shankar and soma Banerjee, pa rents of Pratyusha who became a household-name after enjoying “Anandi” in Balika Vadhu, said if her parents lived with her Rahul had threatened to eliminate her. Consequently Pratyusha started managing him and her parents lived in their neighborhood. Where he was mentioned after whining about chest discomfort on Sunday Rahul, who’s in his thirties, proceeds to remain in clinic. He’s apt to be charged after his release. “we shall shift an anticipatory bail plea in court on Thursday, “said Neeraj Gupta. Pratyusha had hanged herself on April 1 in Goregaon in her seventh -floor flat. “Rahul lied to her he had four flats and automobiles in Mumbai, 150 miles in his neighborhood and his mom can be an MLA. He wouldn’t allow her use her phone or fulfill with her pals. She was taunted by him about her past connections. Neighbours in the Kandivli property where they existed had once observed a noisy audio when she got injured and abuse and he used-to beat her usually,” they included. “Obligations had started paying house-rent had become challenging and turning up.” In January in 2013, she reported to his girlfriend and her dad Deepankar about the torture. She exhibited them a bruise she’d suffered on her calf. Her uncle told her to get a medical assessment completed. Per day before her demise, she’d again reported the abuse to her parents and her uncle. ” as she wished to make the relationship work Pratyusha did not separate,” her parents said.

” law enforcement everything has been informed by us. We would like the best possible consequence for Rahul,” said Shankar. “once we heard the news, we went numb. We did not understand what to-do, how to reply. Everything was prepared by the friends of Pratyusha for all of US and we landed in Mumbai. About the pyre, using our girl’s body towards the crematorium, sleeping her next, getting her ashes in to the river… Amar matha kaj korchhilo an (I really could not think).

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We performed her last rituals on Monday following custom for premature death or under circumstances. Why we were silent till then, that’s. Before we’re able to deliver ourselves to believe and consider the proper activity, it had been very important to us to make sure that her spirit sits in peace. It had been her mom who listed the FIR,” Shankar said.
Expected when they were aware of that which was troubling their girl, Shankar said: “We realized that Rahul was troubling her, however, not to the level. She reveal about a few points and would call us sometimes. We realized from calling people also frequently that she had been halted. After receiving below but we observed exactly about it from her buddies. Today we all know that which went on. I have dropped my daughter and I’ve nothing to get rid of if he’sn’t tried, but I can’t remainder. Rahul must possibly get yourself a life sentence or capital punishment. Like my girl did no other woman should have to die,” said Shankar.