Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Once a hero is born in Mega family, he has to be an action hero with no options left. If he tries to do experiments, be it Chiranjeevi, Pawan kalyan, Ramcharan or Bunny, the result till date was mostly failure.

Chiranjeevi experimented it with Rudraveena, Aapath baandhavudu, Pawan kalyan with Jhonny, Ram Charan with Orange and Bunny with Vedam and all were finally left with the disasters in the hands.

Especially Ram Charan is very keen with his career and he is nowhere taking a chance on it. He got a perfect idea of what is generally expected from him by the fans and only opting those films. Naayak, Racha belonged to those category.

Charan was offered Ok Bangaram, a super hit film but he rejected it saying that mega fans would not like it.

Now according to the news, even Gowtham Menon approached Charan and even the later was happy to make a film with Gowtham as he said many times that he liked Gharshana movie which was directed by Gowtham. Charan expected the similar action story from the former, but Gowtham offered Charan a love story and obviously the later rejected it for the same reason.