Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

With her first film, she got a girl next door image. So, not many really bothered about her. But with Jil, Rashi Khanna got a total image make-over and she has emerged as a hot babe.

In an industry starved for girls with decent acting skills and a hot figure, Rashi is all set to become the new flavour of the season. Though she debuted with Oohalu Gusagusalade, Rashi has shown her true potential with Gopichand’s Jil.

Naturally, the entire industry has noticed her image make-over and we are told she has been getting a lot of enquiries. In fact, it is being said that once Jil releases, some girls who have been hanging around for some time will get packing.

Also, Rashi too is keen on expanding her market in the industry and it is being said that heroes who got to see her stills have already given their nod for her.

Though she is still making her way up, it is being said that she will soon have a kitty full of movies. Given that the industry is always on the lookout for new girls who can work for some years, girls like Rashi will surely be welcomed with open arms.