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What is Rick Dale’s Net Worth?

Rick Dale is an American reality television star and professional antique restorer who has a net worth of $2 million. Dale is the owner of Rick’s Restorations in Las Vegas, and he starred in the History Channel reality series “American Restorations” from 2010 to 2014. According to the official Rick’s Restoration website, the series “features the loose screws of Rick Dale and his crew in the restoration of Rick in Las Vegas, Nevada, as they take rusted, beaten items and restore them to their original glory.” Huh.”

“American Restoration” is a spin-off of the popular series “Pawn Stars”, which Rick appeared more than a dozen times. Dell featured episodes of “American Pickers” (2011–2013) and “Counting Cars” (2014), as well as the documentary “Cocked Up!” have also appeared in (2016).

early life

Rick Dale was born as Richard James Dale on December 13, 1970. Some sources say that Rick was born in Newport Beach, California, while others list his birthplace as Las Vegas, Nevada. His father was a mechanic and a professional racer, and he began teaching Rick and his brother, Ron, how to restore objects at an early age, starting with an old bicycle. At the age of 13, Dale’s father entered him into a soap box derby racing program, and he learned to build a car and went on to win the soap box derby championship. Rick later began disassembling and rebuilding the motorcycles.


Before opening Rick’s Restoration, Dale owned a manufacturing company, and when business was struggling, he bought a coke machine at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, and after it was restored, he sold it for three times that. , which he spent on it. Rick began restoring Coke machines regularly, and when he traveled to America to distribute them, he often bought items he could restore from people he met on his travels. He built a successful business with repeat customers, and after the makers of “Pawn Stars” approached him about mortgaging a gas tank he was trying to sell, he hired him as a specialist. Convinced to get into the series that could tell how many items the stars of the show were worth.

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Dell began restocking for Gold and Silver pawn shop owner Rick Harrison, who was featured in the series, and eventually got his own History Channel show. “American Restoration” premiered on October 25, 2010, and Rick appeared in 113 episodes over six seasons. For season seven, the network decided to focus on a new cast and concept. “American Restoration” features the cast of “American Pickers” and “Pawn Stars” as well as magicians David Copperfield and Lance Burton and musicians Billy Joel and Sammy Hagar.

personal life

Rick had one child with his first wife, then he had two children with Kelly Meyer after marrying him in 1994. Rick’s Restoration website states that the business is a family affair and that Kelly “handles the business operations and development, his son Tyler runs the shop and their other son, Brettley, is both a salesman and picker. Their daughter Ellie is the office manager and accounts receivable. Both are there, while Michelle, his niece, is the assistant manager and in charge of the merchandise.” Dale’s brother, Ron, also works for the business as a picker.

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