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It’s only a matter of few days that our next film, S/O Satyamurthy will be hitting screens worldwide and I’m overwhelmed with the amount of love you’ve showered upon us and our team. We’re delighted to see the warmth from film lovers, especially on social networking platforms from the colourful day of Holi ( 6 March) with a daily release of an publicly material staring with a pre look and then extended pre-look teaser on Youtube which went on to manage more than. 9 lakh views, and then followed by the likes of the 3D motion poster earning 2 lakh views, then the teaser 10 lakh ( single channel)and finally the trailer with 10 lakh views (single channel in 3 and half days a record) in addition to the jukebox amassing 4.5 lakh views.

These number only shows your interest and affection for our “S/O SATYAMURTHY ” We once again are immensely grateful for your genuine love for a good film and we’re sure you’ll come out as much happy when you watch it on the big screen. Hope you enjoy the film.

Team of S/O Satyamurthy


Allu Arjun Nithya Menon S/o SatyaMurthy Samantha 2015-03-19


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