Sun. May 19th, 2024

Salman Khan, the muscle Khan of Bollywood is a free man now, as he has been found innocent in the hit and run case which happened in 2002. The Bombay High Court on December 10 stated that the prosecution has failed to prove the charges against Salman Khan.

This news has been welcomed warmly by Salman Khan fans, and they are literally celebrating it all over social media sites.

“On basis of evidences produced by the prosecution, the appellant cannot be convicted, no matter how differently the common man thinks. There has been a faulty manner to establish procedure for connecting chain of evidence with regard to biological evidence”, said the court.

Yesterday, court had questioned the statement of actor’s Police Bodyguard, Ravindra Patil. Ravindra during his time of hearing has earlier revealed that Salman was drunk during the time of incident.

“If the witness is partly reliable, then corroboration is required. Ravindra Patil cannot be considered as a wholly reliable witness”, added the court.

It should be noted that Ravindra Patil has died on 2007. the clean chit given by the court has spread a wave of relief among Khan family.