Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

“He’s the biggest and the greatest superstar of his generation. People love him because he’s honest, he’s real and he makes no bones about what he does. Even I have said it that everyone actor wants to work with Salman Khan and if anybody says that they don’t, then its fine. But I don’t think it’s true because he is the greatest superstar. I don’t want to work with him just because I’m excited it’s Salman Khan, but because I deeply respect him. I respect his superstardom and people love to see the both of us together. We’re here to entertain and yes I understand serious movies and performance orientated roles, but the fact is that if two superstars do come together it has a double value, so why not?”

“My relationship with Salman is not as an actor and an actress. Of course we respect each other’s talent, but he treat’s me like Lolo’s sister. My sister and him they adore each other. When Arbaaz was producer for the first time I was there for Fevicol. The first time Mr Khan decides to run producer after 25 years I’m there again. So I think there’s a connection with me and his family.”