Salman Khan Made My Lips Famous: Gizele Thakral

Gizele Thakral, the young beauty was recently eliminated from the Big Boss House, and she has now shared her disappointment on this. As per Gizele, she has performed well in the show, but due to less number of fans, the beauty failed to fetch more votes.

It should be noted that Gizele and Mandana Karimi had many fights when in the house. As per Gizele, Mandana is egoistic, and this was the main reason behind the constant tiffs.

Gizele also added that it is very difficult to sort out things with Mandana. “It’s very difficult to patch up things with Mandana because she is very stubborn, but that’s her nature, I don’t blame her”, said Gizele.

According to Gizele, her fat lips have been made famous by Salman Khan. When Shah Rukh Khan visited the house, both of them talked a lot about my lips which is an awesome thing. “Even though I had faced lots of teasing regarding my lips, I feel happy about that fact that Salman made it famous”, added Gizel Thakral.