Sanam Shetty Talks About Mahesh Babu « Film Dhamaka

Sanam Shetty, the Kannada beauty entered into Tollywood with Raghavendra Rao’s ‘Intinta Annamaiah’, but prior to the release of the flick, she got an offer to play a role opposite Mahesh Babu.

Now the thing is, Sanam ,in an interview with an English magazine spoke out about film and Mahesh Babu. She said that in the beginning she was very worried and frightened seeing the Mahesh as she heard that he is a big star in Tollywood. But after just within few days, she has managed to develop very good rapport with the actor as he is more of a simple natured and a calm going person.

There is something that makes people to go mad about him, he is an undercover magician, she added. In fact if these words are said by any actress to a local media, then that would be taken in another way, saying that she is just saying those to grab some more offers in the industry. But coming to Sanam, she said these somewhere to an English magazine. So it might be genuine right?


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