Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

During the late closed Fashion Week, we noticed a tiny little baby bump which everybody tried to notice. Be that as it may, later their designer Masaba Mantena let the cat out of the bag about their baby. Yes, it’s official. Sasha is going to be a Father. From that point forward we were sitting tight for an official affirmation yet we didn’t anticipate that it will get it along these lines.

You can see Shahid becomes blushed and flushed a bit when a columnist tries to get if he will be a father. He becomes all cute and even makes the journo pose the question obviously. When he does, Shahid says, “Haan, mein baap banne wala hoon.” He grins splendid and it is lovable. Alia alongside him couldn’t quit grinning and with respect to Kareena, she is by all accounts choosing which expression to wear.

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