Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

When Srinidhi saw her favourite hero NTR sitting by her side, smiling and giving her gifts; the girl’s face lightened up like the most beautiful star. Srinidhi’s father had been a government employee who hails from Warangal. For the sake of his daughter’s treatment, he took up a private teacher job and is residing in Hyderabad at present.

After enquiring about Srinidhi, NTR had a chit chat with her and asked her to study well (didn’t mention cancer while chatting because, the kid doesn’t know about the grave illness she is suffering from). The girl talked about his dances, and her favourite film ‘Yamadonga’. NTR’s gesture taking the kid’s hands into his hands throughout the interaction sent good feelers among those who had been watching this.

Speaking after meeting the girl, NTR said that he understands how a father feels when his child had to undergo such suffering. ‘I’m also a father. I can feel the pain’, said NTR who hoped that with all the prayers from his side, his fans and media; the girl would recuperate soon and will be back to her play and studies. We too wish the same. Get well soon Srinidhi!