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We have seen two days back when the tickets were on sale online and these tickets were gone in a flash as the movie is being talk of the country now. But not to be misled by the title the movie is not releasing in Europe and Canada as the makers of this movie want to showcase this movie in some film festivals there but it is a bad news for telugu fans and especially Prabhas fans residing in these areas.

The release of Baahubali will be as usual in India on July 10th as people are eagerly waiting for the friday. Many people have cancelled their mportant works for watching this movie. Prabhas and all others on this movie have worked very hard, this movie will be in two parts the first part being released on July 10 2015 and there is not much information about the second part.

People in Europe and Canada need to wait for this epic to release in big screens.

Anushka Shetty Baahubali Prabhas SS Rajamouli Tamannah 2015-07-05


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