Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Each time there’s another film coming up, the co-stars will undoubtedly get linked with each other. There will be a rumor spreading that both of them are dating as they get caught together. So we weren’t exactly astounded when reports came recommending that Shraddha Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar are the new couples  in the B-Town. Farhan has been separated from Athuna, for a while now. Yes! For all that we know, the two will be seen together in Rock On 2 surprisingly.

Notwithstanding, what energized their dating bits of gossip, the couple, however, look really vibrant and eye-catching. The separation of Farhan Akhtar from his wife, leaving everybody estimating if Ms. Kapoor is the explanation behind his separation.As there is no confirmation of their official relationship yet, looks like there is some kind of “Mystery” bond that Shraddha and Farhan shares.

A report in Mumbai Mirror recommends that in the recent Baaghi film shooting and the promotion of the movie, Shraddha and Farhan got much too close to the dance floor. Indeed, an insider uncovers that they took up to grimy hitting the dance floor with a couple of naughty moves. Naughty, like really naughty.

Can you trust it? Word is that Ms. Kapoor and Farhan were very mindful until Shraddha’s dad Shakti Kapoor was around.  As soon as her family left, she had her eyes just for Farhan, where the two even left together in the same car. Ahem! Now that is a great deal to make them talk. Looks like they both share something more than just a casual friendship?