Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Shruti Haasan First Boyfriend: Generally heroines will maintain secrecy over their boyfriends. However, Shruti Haasan is completely different. She shared the secret of her first boy friend.

Sexy doll Shruti Haasan is a bold and charming person who never hides anything about her personal life or career. She will let everything out to a public and a rarely seen honest personality. Ask her about anything, without any hesitation or inhibition; she will answer it. She also made a bold statement in the past that she won’t get married. After such statement, the recent discussion is about her first boyfriend. Recently the actress was asked about her first boyfriend and she gave an answer without any hesitation.

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Shruti Haasan while speaking to Femina Magazine revealed some interesting news about her First Boy Friend. The actress revealed that she fell in love with a Music director who is very dignified personality. She did not reveal the name of the music director but revealed that he was her first love and her first boyfriend.

Shruti Haasan has just had a super hit in Tamil and is on cloud nine. TheVedalam actress is busy juggling Bollywood, Kollywood, and Tollywood. The actress opened up about many aspects of her life, including her career and personal life. One of the interesting things she revealed is that her birth certificate doesn’t state any caste, but says ‘Indian’ instead.

According to the reports, the actress has taken the mercury level high with this latest photoshoot for Femina India. And she revealed some interesting news about her first boyfriend.

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“My first boyfriend? No, I won’t deny. I have a good boyfriend and he’s a musician. He is very talented and also a good guy. Many women do have scary first boyfriends, but I’m very lucky”, while speaking with a noted Women Magazine.

She also discussed her successful career and revealed why she was doing so many Hindi films. The actress, who is already popular in Tamil and Telugu films in the south, now wants to act in Malayalam films as well. Soon she will join the shooting of Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming film as per reports.