Singh Is Bling Movie Review

Its the usual masala in its unadulterated form but Prabhudheva this time do not make it an unbearable and unwatchable movie. SiNGH is BLiING is far better and miles away from movies like Action Jackson and R….Rajkumar directed by the same person.

Singh stories from Bollywood normally follow a pattern where there is large scope for fun, humour, music, dance and action. Situation here is no different as we have Rafthaar Singh played by Akshay Kumar is the symbol of the funny and brave side of Punjabi youth. He is humorous, have a carefree attitude towards life and is the toast of the family except his father.

Raftar is forced by his father to chose between marriage or take up a job in Goa and Raftar chooses the latter option. Once in Goa, he meets Sara (Amy Jackson) who has landed up there from Romania for some personal reasons. Our hero fall in love with Sara but Sara has other plans. Movie show all those in this two hour and forty one minute movie that has some entertainment value in it as a pure masala movie.

Prabhudheva’s Bollywood flicks is purely targeted at certain class of audience and SiNGH is BLiING is also in that mould but what makes this movie slightly better and watchable than the others is the treatment without going over the top with loud and unnecessary humour and action.

Akshay Kumar played his part as Rafthaar Singh and give life to the character with his typical style. Amy Jackson is not the usual heroine in a masala film filling up the role mainly confining to songs and romance. She has much to more do here. Lara Dutta as the translator was good enough with a humorous shade. We all know the talent of Kay Kay Menon and here we have the classic example of how an actor of substance can be wasted. Rest of the actors doesn’t have anything to do other than just filling up.

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Songs, a big chunk of them are the Punjabi bhangras that looked colorful on screen. Actions are choreographed well and at the same time executed well by the actors who performed it.

Overall, SiNGH is BLiING doesn’t make it a terrible experience unlike the movies of this genre from the recent past. With Akshay in full form along with a balanced treatment required for a pure masala film, the film is an average watch for a time pass. I will go with two and a half out of five for this Sardaar and his delicious jokes.