Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Rishi Kapoor has certainly become the most famous, eor should we say, infamous Bollywood celebrity on Twitter. Be it his random updates or the way he jokes about others, his sense of humour has hit the roof. Recently, Rishi faced the ire of fans when he posted a picture meme, making fun of his Kapoor & Sons co-star Alia Bhatt and Sonakshi Sinha.

While the veteran actor took digs at Alia’s IQ and Sona’s weight, he quickly tweeted, calling it just a joke to be taken in good spirit. That was, only after people started ratting against Kapoor senior. He deleted the tweet after a few hours. But the damage was done. At an event, when Sonakshi was asked to comment on it, all prying eyes expected her to react and shoot back at the actor. Much to our surprise, Shotgun Junior took the joke on her stride.

She told reporters that she does not have any grudge against Kapoor because it was not he who created the meme. Rather, the joke had been doing the rounds for quite sometime. She also defended Kapoor’s actions by claiming that he must have found it funny and that’s completely his opinion, so it’s definitely something which should be taken in the right manner.

Now, that shows how mature Sona is and she’s possibly one of the most sorted actresses we have in Bollywood today…