Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Though after a few health issues, the beauty is back to prove that health does not decrease the wealth with her. This particular photo shoot is done for ‘Lo real’ for whom she is considered as an ambassador for years.

Every year, she is spotted at the Cannes film festival on behalf of the ‘Lo real’ company. So, even this year, she is getting ready to continue that tradition and regarding this, the company did a photo shoot on the actress.

Coming to her appearance, she is this time spotted in black outfit. The skirt of hers is torn on sideways, where her thigh flesh is observed there. As the skin appears to be oily, that thigh part appears to be much more lively and can make any tom boy to tempt for it.

On the other side, or in fact the upper side, the top she wore is slanting towards her right shoulder and thus making her left shoulder bare. The transparent part of the top is what that actually disappoints the guys from the view of few naughty things, isn’t it..?