Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Sonia Kruger, Australian TV host is facing several backlash in Social media after a call was made for banning on Muslim immigrants during a discussion which happened live related to the Nice terror attack.

This Australian presenter was a co-host of Today Extra Programme in Channel Nine. She has responded to a column of conservative columnist, Andrew Bolt who has reported in the article that the “Jihad terrorists” made Europe the bloodiest battlefield in France because France has allowed many muslims to be a part of it.

Kruger, a presenter in the The Voice Australia asserted that Bolt had a point and said though there are many muslim friends who were beautiful and peace-loving, there are also fanatics existing.

She also noted that she would want to witness the immigration of Muslims from France to Australia because she wants to feel protected and safe.

David Campbell, fellow representer disagreed and stated, “The sort of pieces are breeding hatred.”

When the Today host, Lisa Wilkinson questioned Kruger on if she wants the borders of Australia to be closed for Muslims, Kruger replied, “Yes. I would want to.”

She refused in taking back her words and later tweeted clarifying, “Nice witnessed the atrocities followed last week where 10 children lost lives and like a mother, I believe in a democratic society, it is vital for discussing the issues without getting labelled like a racist automatically.”

However, the host faced a backlash with the Twitterati hitting back with the use of #asamother hashtag.