Soukyam Movie Review – Gopichand, Regina Cassandra

Gopi Chand is an actor with enough caliber to take movies in his own shoulders. But his talent has been totally wasted in ‘Soukyam‘ which hit the theaters today. The film which is directed by A S Ravikumar Chowdhary is mediocre in all departments, and it literally failed to impress the audiences. Most of the reviews which are coming out about the movie is negative in nature, and in all probabilities, the film will fail to create magic in Box Office.

Being film buffs, a team of Film Dhamaka watched the movie first day, and we are hereby sharing our genuine review about this movie.

A story which we have seen an umpteen numbers of times

The story of Soukhyam is so cliched, and we have witnessed the same kinds of plots an umpteen numbers of times before. In this movie, Seenu (Gopichand) falls in love with Sailaja (Regina Cassandra) during their journey from Hyderabad to Tirupathi. In the initial phase of the journey, Sailaja avoids Seenu, but later she reveals that she also fell flat for him the first glance.

Soon, Seenu realizes that Sailaja is the daughter of a political king maker. Sailaja’s dad is planning to make her marry to Chief Minister’s son. On the other hand, Seenu’s dad does not like his son marrying a girl from a violent family. The remaining part of the movie showcases Seenu’s journey to marry Sailaja without harming anyone.

Good performance from actors

Gopi Chand as we all known is a versatile actor, but in this movie, his talent was wasted completely. The actor had nothing to do in this movie, and he enacted the role of carefree young man without any hassle. Regina looked gorgeous, and her looks were the main highlight of the movie.

Pathetic screenplay and below average narration

The movie is narrated in a pathetic manner by the director. The film’s story is predictable, and the filmmaker has offered no surprises. The action sequences in the film were utter waste, and it will not make your eyes glue on the screen.

Final verdict

‘Soukhyam’ is a movie which you can easily avoid, as it offers nothing fresh or new.