Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Production: Legendary Pictures|Management 360|Scott Rudin Productions|The Mark Gordon Company

Distributed by: Universal Pictures

Director: Danny Boyle

Original Score: Daniel Pemberton

Cinematography: Alwin H. Küchler

Editing: Elliot Graham

Cast: Michael Fassbender,Kate Winslet,Seth Rogen,Jeff Daniels.

The digital world was revolutionized by this legend, while back a movie was made on him, but it didn’t reflect what it required in spite of the lead’s good performance. This time from the director Danny Boyle, who is known for his energy will radiate the legend in its full form.

Michael Fassbender as “Steve Jobs” a perfect choice for the character will bring the energy and power it requires for it, he looks great in the trailer and pretty sure a Academy Award nomination is on the cards. And when you put Kate Winslet in a pivotal role with distinctive looks, it doubles the chances. Which will be supported by the talented and quirkiest Seth Rogen and suave Jeff Daniels.

“Musicians play their instruments….I play the orchestra” – Steve Jobs

This movie may be the one which we could say a Tribute to the Legendary “Steve Jobs”.