Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

Salman Khan fans all over the nation are now in a state of euphoria as the star was found innocent in the hit and run case by the Bombay High Court. At this juncture, renowned director Subhash Ghai has come forward and has openly revealed his take on Salman’s marriage.

“Salman Khan has been facing the punishment for 13 years. He did not give a positive nod to marriage as the case was in pending status. This was an accident in which a person was killed, but has anyone thought of the punishment Salman was facing? I am proud of our judiciary, justice has been served”, said Subhash Ghai.

Now, Bollywood audiences are awaiting to know whether Salman Khan will break his single status in the near future.

It should be also noted that Muscle Khan was recently spotted with his girlfriend Lulia Vantur, a Romanian actress and TV personality. Many sources claim that the duo has been engaged secretly.